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Top quality self-publishing
Publishing on demand with the best quality. Our projects are responsible, honest, sustainable and undertaken with meticulous attention to detail..

Communication for loves sake
We are interested in books as cultural vessels. In short –we love books. Furthermore, our desire to help small publishers bring out their work successfully is because we understand the effort made by them. Books should reach their readers: our challenge is to make the most of all avenues to do so. We utilise all resources and media available to make them visible and accessible.

Each client is unique.
So is every project.

We do not want to standardize. Each project will be defined, planned, and carried out according to its own characteristics, needs and aims.

Time is valuable.
So it is our word.

We will keep to the prearranged deadline.

We say “no” to excess.
We say “yes” to simplicity, elegance and quality.

We are in favour of elegant and simple designs and against excessive affectation.

Commitment and value for money
We are always working on the most economic alternatives without compromising quality so as to be as sustainable as possible.